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  Paradise for your pup -
  peace of mind for you.

Overnight pups enjoy the security of our staff in the same room while they sleep.

Total freedom with cage-free supervised open play.

Stay informed with daily text reports & pictures.

Fully-trained staff in dog handling & pet CPR.

Small, uncrowded groups so your pup never gets overwhelmed.

Dog-Boarding in San Diego

201 Park Blvd STE 125, San Diego, CA 92101

  Contact Us:

(619) 344-0101

                              Vacation? Work trip? Weekend getaway?

Sadly, your dogs can’t always ride along, and you need a second home with trusted professionals to provide the safety, comfort, and play they need while you’re away. San Diego's Pupper Club is your dog’s dependable second home.



Experience stress-free dog boarding with the comfort of daily pictures, text reports, & live video visits.

Emergency Vet-Care


Rest-assured Pupper Club gets 24-hour access to local vets & won’t hesitate to rush your dog to a hospital in the rare case of an emergency.



Free from confinement and open to sniff, play, and socialize with the pack.


Your pup will enjoy socializing with both dog and human, playing games like tug of war, fetch, and brain-stimulating puzzle toys!--with necessary rest breaks.

Extra-Special Care


Dog Disability? Delicate senior? Pupper Club offers an exclusive area equipped with a fully-trained handler to provide gentle, special care for dogs that need it.

Where your pup stays?

Pupper Club’s 3600 sq. ft. facility is specially designed for dogs. A clean, safe, and spacious environment means your pup can enjoy his/her boarding experience to the fullest. With our exceptional standards, comes the highest-quality features, like our Daikin climate-control system, soundproof walls, veterinary-grade flooring and of course–all the toys, and agility equipment your pup could ever want.


What our customers are saying...

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Overnight Stay


Photos, text reports - FREE

Live video visits - FREE

1-on-1Training - FREE

Fetch - FREE

Scratches - FREE

Paw cleaning - FREE

Hair/Fur Brushing - FREE

& much more...


1. Must be spayed/neutered

2. At least 6-months of age. 

3. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations

Required: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza

4. Meet & Greet

5. Easily register by clicking the yellow

   "Book My Meet & Greet" button below.

Save Money With Our Package Deals!

$810 - 10 Pack + 2 FREE Days (Save $270)

$1530 - 20 Pack + 5 FREE Days (Save $720)

Exclusive Deal for New Members Who Sign-Up Today! (Never Expires)

Existing Member Package Deals:

$810 - 10 Pack (Save $90)

$1,530 - 20 Pack (Save $270)

Other Ways You Can Save:

10% off a second additional pup

15% off a second additional pup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question?

Get your answer:              

(619) 344-0101

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