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Pupper Club’s Cat Grooming!

Now offering a full range of feline-exclusive grooming services!

Nail Trimming

Full Body Grooming

Tangle Removal


San Diego location only


Basic Bath & Brush

Our Basic Bath & Brush helps remove trapped debris like dirt, dust, or other materials that may soil your cat’s fur. Suited for cats of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and personalities. This option is perfect for routine cleaning every 4-8 weeks to help prevent ingrown claws, matting, dandruff, excessive shedding, and hairballs.


Nail trim, bath, blow-dry, and ear cleaning!


Short Hair...........$85

Long Hair...........$110

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Touch-Up Groom

If you can’t keep up with the fluff then this is a great option for you! This option includes everything in the basic bath, plus a paw pad cleaning & sanitary trim (not shaved) all around. Appointments every 8-12 weeks will help prevent matting, excessive shedding and hairballs.


Includes everything in the basic bath plus paw pad cleaning & sanitary hair trim!



Pretty Little Kitty

The Pretty Little Kitty is great for allergy sufferers or cats prone to matting. The lion cut’s stylish look includes everything in the Basic Bath & Brush plus a main body shave. If you don’t prefer the lion cut and only need dematting, no problem, this option also provides a full-body shave for dematting without the lion cut style. 


Includes everything in the Basic Bath plus a full body groom!


Lion Cut......$135


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Grab A Menu!

Get the PDF version of our menu below!

Quality Care

The Cat Club Experience


Our gentle approach is rooted in patience to ensure your cat never feels like they're in danger.

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Text & Photo Updates

You’ll get consistent text and photo updates during your cat’s grooming experience!

Cat-Friendly Shampoo

Our cat-friendly shampoos are mild on the skin and help maintain the natural oils in your cat’s beautiful coat!

Online Booking

Easily book your cat straight from your phone through our online portal!

Cat Groomer
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