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Pupper Club’s Dog Grooming Salon & Spa

- All Hand-Work, by Master-Level Groomers

We’re the salon you’ll always come back to. Why? Aside from our easy booking process, we also ensure you, the dog owner, are always informed by sending you personal texts, pictures, and updates during your pup’s appointment. The best part is, our master-level groomers do all their work by hand--no loud machines. Instead of churning out 20-30 low-quality grooms daily (like many places) - Pupper Club only does 8-10 services daily. This means your pup receives patient, individualized attention, ensuring a comfortable experience with a high-quality result.

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All-Natural Pet-Friendly Products:

Pet friendly, hypoallergenic products using only all-natural ingredients.

Extra-Special Care:

Skin Issues? Sensitivity to loud noises? Senior dog? Arthritis?--We have every resource a pup needs to be comfortable–no matter what their condition.

Quality Service:

​No Breed Discrimination:

Any pup, regardless of the breed, can enjoy Pupper Club’s salon & spa experience.

Very Communicative:

Stay informed with our texts & photo updates!

Breed-Specific Grooming:

Different dog breeds have different grooming needs. We use breed-specific brushes, shampoos, and techniques to ensure each unique breed receives a specific service.

Patient Staff:

We take our time. No frustration. No rush. A comfortable experience for your pup and high-quality results is our top priority.

NO Cage Drying:

All our drying is done with cool air, and finished by hand. No hot blow dryers or cage dryers.

Pupper Club Salon & Spa Services

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Basic Bath


Pretty Little Pupper

Bath & Blow Out

Light Detangling

Pet Friendly Shampoo

Conditioning Spray - Finishing Mist

Ear Cleaning


Blueberry Facial

Anal Gland Expression

Face & Paw Trimming

Custom Full-Body Clip

Custom Full-Body Styling

Custom Full-Body Trimming

(View menu for additional prices and services)

Grooming Salon Policy


Please cancel before 24 hours to avoid a $25 charge to your card on file.

No Show:

Please be sure to cancel your appointment within the requested window of time, should your plans change or something come up. We will charge 50% of your appointment cost for no shows and late cancellations within 2 hours of appointment start time. 

Late Fee:

- A $15 late fee will be assessed should you be 15 or more minutes late for your scheduled appointment.

- The groomer will have the option to turn you away should you be 30 or more minutes late resulting in a late cancellation fee.

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