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P U P P E R  C L U B

Dog Grooming Salon Experience


All Natural Products • Gentle Hand Drying • Breed Specific Styling

Offering a full range of treatments from bathing to full service Dog Grooming and styling, specialty treatments and consultation. Once you've chosen a salon treatment for your Pupper, we will work with you on a specialty plan to keep your precious one clean, styled, happy and healthy!

Schedule a quickie pop-in spruce up, a full custom styling or make a day of it for your pup, with a stay at Pupper Club™


please read before booking


(No Haircut or Clipping Included)

A girl's gotta have it! (And who are we kidding? So do boys...) For the Puppers who a quick freshen up!

The Basic Bath includes:

• Bath and Blow Out
• Light Detangling if needed
• Hypo Shampoo; All Natural Products
• Conditioning Spray; Finishing Mist
• Ear Cleaning
• Anal Gland Expression

Add On Items:

• Nail Clipping
• Nail Dremel
• Teeth Brushing
• CBD Bath
• Mud Bath
• Flea Shampoo


Includes Basic Bath

Just trim the bangs...ok maybe a little more. Face, feet and fanny trim. No body cutting and no variations. Touch up dog grooming includes everything in the basic bath, in addition to a doggy trim!

Make me over baby! Custom full body clip, trim and style. The pretty little pupper includes everything in the basic bath in addition to a full dog grooming. Choose a dog haircut style of your preference or leave it to our amazing groomers to style your puppy! Our groomers specialize in dog grooming for poodles and doodles and use the bests dog brushing techniques to brush matted dogs without shaving off their beautiful coat. Includes Basic Bath.



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