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Pupper Club's FAQ

  • What time should I check in/out?
    Check-in time is 8 AM - Check-out time is 12 PM on the day of leave. Check-out after 12 PM will be charged our half-day price of $37.
  • How does the meet and greet work?
    Click the “Book My Pup'' button to schedule your meet and greet. Once scheduled, arrive at Pupper Club on the set date/time. Bring your pup in on a leash and get greeted by our friendly staff in the lobby. We’ll then note any specific details regarding your pet’s needs/requirements. You’ll get a tour of Pupper Club’s great facility. Once ready, a meet and greet with other dogs will be conducted by one of our trained professionals. This should take around 20-30 minutes. It will consist of basic recall testing and an aggression assessment. Upon approval, your pup will be eligible to stay with us anytime! If you want your pup to get more familiar with Pupper Club, you’re welcome to let them stay for the entire day at no charge to you.
  • Can Pupper Club provide food for my dog?
    Yes. Pupper Club offers food at an additional charge of $10 / 2 meals daily.
  • Should I bring my dog’s food?
    Yes. We recommend you bring the food your dog is familiar with to avoid a sudden change in your dog’s diet. It's also advised to bring extra food in case your trip is delayed and your pup has an extended stay. We can store both dry food and cold storage food.
  • How often are they fed?
    You, the owner, choose the time(s) and quantity you want your pup to be fed. Your pup will get individually fed with a tailored regimen to match his/her daily routine at home.
  • How often do they go out to pee?
    Twice per day. We have an outdoor grass patch to let your pup get daily potty breaks in the morning and in the evening (unless requested not to do so by the owner).
  • Can you walk my dog?
    Yes. We offer exclusive walks for an additional charge of 25$ / 30 minutes.
  • What should I bring?
    Simply bring the dog food of your choice and any medication your dog has prescribed to them - we’ll take care of the rest. We can store both dry food and cold storage food.
  • Can I get a tour of the facility?
    Yes. We love showing off our facility and encourage guests to take a look around to get a feel for Pupper Club.
  • Are there pools at Pupper Club?
    NO POOLS. We want a paradise for your pup, not for bacteria. Just a lick can lead to kidney failure, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice & other water-borne illnesses. Our veterinary-grade climate-control system keeps your pup cool in the hottest weather--all day.
  • Does Pupper Club offer package deals/discounts for boarding?
    Yes! If you plan to use boarding on a long-term basis you can save money with our package deals! Exclusive Deal for New Members Who Sign-Up Today: (Never Expires) $810 - 10 Pack + 2 FREE Days (Save $270) $1530 - 20 Pack + 5 FREE Days (Save $720) Existing Member Package Deals: $810 - 10 Pack (Save $90) $1530 - 20 Pack (Save $270) Other ways you can save: - 10% off a second additional pup - 15% off a third additional pup
  • What is the cancellation policy for daycare or boarding?
    Please cancel within 48 hours of arrival date to avoid a cancellation fee (50% of the stay). Emergency cancellations are excluded from the policy.
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