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Pupper Club's Boarding

Vacation? Work Trip? Weekend getaway? Feel secure in knowing Pupper Club’s 24/7 on-site staff provides the professional care, comfort, and safety your pup needs. With our daily reports, pictures, and on-demand video visits, you’ll always be updated and informed.

Stay updated with real-time pictures, texts, and videos sent straight to your phone.

Feel secured by our fully-trained Pupper Pals (staff) in dog handling and pet CPR.

Get reassurance that all pups are screened for health and behavioral checks prior to staying with Pupper Club.

Dog Disability? Delicate senior? We offer an exclusive area equipped with a fully-trained caretaker to provide gentle, special care for dogs that need it.

Free from confinement in our cage-free facility open to sniff, play, and socialize with the pack.

Overnight pups enjoy the security of our Pupper Pals in the same room while they sleep.

Real Pupper Club Customer:

“Pupper Club took great care of my pup for the holidays and sent lots of pictures of her with updates which we absolutely loved! Even with all the doggy play time she got you can tell they also worked with her on some boundary training while there (ie jumping on people when greeting). They know what they’re doing and they do it well! My girl came home happy and healthy. Staff is always very friendly when we go in as well, we’ll continue using Pupper Club!” - Meagan Lister

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New User? Meet & Greet Required 

Existing User? Message us via Mytime or Email prior to booking to be accepted!


Pupper Club's 

Stress-Free Dog Boarding

Padded open-play area that’s gentle on joints.

Climate/Humidity controlled facility to protect your pup from overheating.

Lounge couches for chill pups.

Comfortable beds and blankets–washed daily.

Soundproof walls to reduce loud noises and keep your pup calm.

Soft agility equipment for pups to lay and play on.


Overnight Stay



Exclusive Offer For New Members

$810 - 10 Pack + 2 FREE Days

$1,530 - 20 Pack + 5 FREE Days


Grooming Add On

Take advantage of our full-service grooming salon by adding on any of our grooming services while your pup is staying at Pupper Club!

Multi-Pupper Discount

10% off additional puppers

Boarding Includes:

Photos, text reports, live video visits

1-on-1 Training

Paw cleaning

Belly rubs, scratches, fetch

Hair/Fur brushing

Naps & breaks


Must be spayed/neutered after 10 months of age.

At least 5 months of age.

Meet & Greet.

Proof of up-to-date vaccinations.




Distemper Leptospirosis

Canine Influenza

How To Get Started

1. Click "Book My Pup".

2. Choose Your location

3. Click "All Services"

4. Choose "Meet & Greet"

5. Get your pup scheduled

4. Done

Schedule your pup in 2 minutes!

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