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P U P P E R   C L U B

los angeles



Hours of Operation

Pupper Club Los Angeles
7 am - 8 pm M-F
10 am - 6 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

*This location has a size restriction of 35 lbs for daycare & boarding only – grooming accepts
dogs of all sizes and breeds

Pupper Club™ Los Angeles is a Dog Daycare Social Club, Boarding Hotel & Grooming Style Salon. Furry little angels can meet friends, engage in a day of play, snack, sleep, roll, bounce and just be dogs! Our style salon accommodates pups of all breeds and sizes. This urban retreat for small dogs is conveniently situated in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, on the border of the Historic Core and Fashion District.    

Your pup's safety and your peace of mind is our top priority and the reason we created The Pupper Club™. As dog owners and lovers, we saw a need for a facility that offers a more subdued, intimate and one on one experience for dogs. Our facility is truly boutique in its design, with "parks" built to resemble a home environment, while still offering plenty of room for activity. Our flooring is custom designed to offer joint support and furnishings and play surfaces are at just the right height for optimal safety. In an effort to minimize stress for our guests and to ensure each pup gets ample attention, we keep our playgroups small.


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